Old Czech Handicraft Market leaves lasting impression

přidáno: 17. 6. 2011 14:59, autor: Marta Ehmigová   [ aktualizováno 17. 6. 2011 15:45 ]

Annually at the end of May the town Turnov hosts an important cultural event – The Old Czech handicraft Market. The idea of organizing this occasion is not accidental. It originates from the effort of reviving a tradition which has deep roots in this region. First privileged market dates back to 15th century. The first markets lasted as long as eight days and people could buy there almost everything that they needed for their everyday life. Later horse and cattle markets were added as well.

This market is a great opportunity for getting to know traditional handicrafts and traditional fine arts, it is also a meeting place for folklore groups and folk music groups. Craftsmen from various regions of our republic (and also a few from Germany and Poland!) presented their products here. Some of them were the holders of Regional product of Bohemian Paradise certificate. This display helps to establish contacts in the area of handicraft production among the member states of the European Union and enables mutual exchange of ideas and experience. In addition, its organizers (Museum of Bohemian Paradise in Turnov) try to encourage a return to traditional folk culture and art and teach wider public how to use these traditional manifestations as an inspiration for contemporary music and art.

The market in Turnov belongs to one of the biggest events in the Czech Republic. About 10,000 people visit it every year.


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