About the origin of Zebín hill

Near the town Jičín, there is a high hill, called Zebín, with a small chapel on the top of it. Everybody knows Zebín, but only few people now how this hill originated and who built this chapel. There is one legend about it...


Once upon a time a young man called Vašek lived near the town of Jičín. He lived alone and cared about his field and his cottage. He was very hard-working.


He loved a miller´s daughter Madlenka for a long time. She liked Vašek too. They had to, however, hide their love from all the people in the village, because Madlenka’s father was the richest man in the country and he hoped that his beautiful daughter would marry a wealthy man.


“Madlenka, we can´t hide our love no longer,” decided Vašek one day. “I´ll go to your father and ask him for your hand.” Madlenka agreed, but she didn´t know that her father would be angry. “You and Madlenka? Never!” the miller immediately decided. “Madlenka will have a better living.”


Vašek knew it was useless to persuade the miller. He ran from his farm and was running away from this unfair man, who refused him. “I wish I had enough money, I want to be rich and marry Madlenka!”. Suddenly a man, nicely dressed, was passing by and started to speak to Vašek.

 by Pavla Matúšová nad Daniela Pitelková (2.G)

Marta Ehmigová,
21. 3. 2012 14:40