About white lady

Near Nová Paka there are two old castles. They are called Kumburk and Bradlec. There are a lot of legends about them. And this one is about a White lady.

The lords of these castles had still some disagreements about borders or money. One day young Vojtěch from Bradlec fell in love with Veronika from Kumburk. However, Lord of Bradlec didn’t want this girl for his son so he came to an old witch. He gave her money and she cast a spell on Veronika and turned her into    a White lady. She walked on the walls and sung sad songs. She also helped poor people and lots of people dreamt about her. However, Vojtěch was very sad, he didn´t know what had happened and where his beloved had disappeared.  So he decided to visit the witch, too. When she saw the worried young man she took    a pity on him and told him what she knew and advised him what to do. So Vojtěch went to a spring in Syřenov, took as much water as he could and he hurried to Kumburk. There stood an old tree. He wet the tree with this magic water and suddenly nine little flowers grew on this tree. He took the flowers and made three bouquets from them. With the first one he opened the door of the castle. The second bouquet brought him Veronika back and the third one they had at their wedding.


People were very happy and the witch didn't take any more bribes from anybody. She lived at castle Kumburk and she picked up herbs.

by Markéta Svobodová and Eva Bochová

Marta Ehmigová,
21. 3. 2012 13:46