Krok and his daughters

Krok was the ruler of a Bohemian tribe. He resided in the castle Budeč. The castle was the centre of wisdom, divination and sorcery too. Krok and his wife Niva had three daughters, the oldest daughter, Kazi, knew every herbaceous plant and was a healer; their second daughter, Teta, taught Bohemians how to worship their gods and goddesses, idols, and nymphs; the youngest daughter, Libuše, was a prophetess and she was the smartest daughter. So Krok consulted things with her. From the message by gods he found out, that Budeč was threatened. That’s why he sent the messengers to the Vltava river to find a new place for a castle. They found a suitable place, a rock. And Krok called the new castle Vyšehrad. After Krok’s death Libuše became the new princess. Libuše often invited her sisters to the Vyšehrad castle.

Once a hustle and shout interrupted them. Sisters went to the square and they saw a hunter  called Bivoj. He brought a boar. And Bivoj hit the boar on the ground. Libuše rewarded Bivoj. Then a feast was held. Kazi fell in love with Bivoj. Soon there was a happy wedding.

by Anna Pavelková and Karolína Halířová (kvinta)

Marta Ehmigová,
21. 3. 2012 13:59