Libuše’s prophecies

The first prophecy - prediction of Prague


Libuše stood on a cliff overlooking the Vltava River, pointed to a forested hill across the river, and proclaimed: "I can see a great city the glory of which will touch the stars." She instructed her people to go and build a castle where a man was building the threshold of a house. "And because even the great noblemen must bow low in front of a threshold, you shall give it the name Praha" (práh means threshold in English).  


The second prophecy – Přemysl ploughman


Libuše predicted a new ruler and her husband. She pointed a finger behind the mountains. There was a river. Near the river there was a village. A ploughman was ploughing on a field in the village. His name was Přemysl. The people went to Přemysl, but they didn’t know the way. Libuše gave them a white horse. The horse guided the people to the ploughman and he became the Czech ruler.

by Eva Jiroušová and Jana Skrbková (2.G)


Marta Ehmigová,
21. 3. 2012 14:28