08 Traditional musical instruments

Our folk musical culture is divided into 2 areas:

·         Western –

·         Eastern –

It is more instrumental and has dance character. The typical musical instrument is bagpipes and bagpipes bands. Bagpipes was very favourite folk musical instrument mainly in southern Bohemia  (part called „Chodsko“).
Eastern (in Moravia)

Cimbalom music is traditional here. The most important musical instrument is cimbalom.

Cimbalom= a large musical instrument that consists of a board or box over which strings of different lengths are stretched, that you play with your fingers or with two small hammers.

Cimbalom is accompanied by several violins, double bass and clarinet.

Other typical folk instruments were:

Flutes, shepherd whistles, trumpets, horns, clappers.


Typical instruments in contemporary music

Bagpipe music – song Žádnyj neví, co sou Domažlice (No one knows what Domažlice is - traditional folk song in Southern Bohemia)


Cimbalom music – song Vínečko bílé (White wine – traditional folk song in Southern Moravia)


Hradišťan – well-known traditional folk band


Čechomora Czech traditional music band playing songs in rock arrangements.



Folklore band – this group belongs to “Basic School of Arts” in Nová Paka. The most important person is Ludmila Kuříková.

They play traditional folk songs of this part of Bohemia, such as “Mazurka, Mateník, Aj to Brdo, Sloužilo děvče”.

The musical instruments they use are: fiddles, double bass, flutes, drums, tambourine.

They take part in several folklore competitions.

There are about 25 members.


Czech Museum of Music

Our students visited permanent exhibition called Man-Instrument-Music.

It presents musical instruments such as keyboard instruments, stringed instruments, guitars and lutes, harps, woodwind and brass instruments, percussion instruments, harmonicas etc.

You can admire the charming appearance and sound of mechanical instruments of various types.

You can listen to the sound of individual instruments – via headphones.


More photos from the museum can be found here: 







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¢  International bagpipe festival in Strakonice

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¢  Cimbalom:

Autor: gebruiker:Arent, licence: Creative Commons, <http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/86/BuikCymbaal.jpg>

¢  Cimbalom band:



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