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Draugysté, amistad, přátelství, friendship

přidáno: 4. 10. 2011 14:02, autor: Marta Ehmigová
At the end of September a group of 6 students from English club and 5 teachers from our school visited a small villlage school in Lithuania. All the participating countries met again, after almost half a year. Friends and colleagues were given a very warm welcome on arrival in Vilnius. The main motto of this meeting was getting to know traditional handicrafts of partner countries. We were very lucky - in Vilnius we visited a beautiful market with traditional products including typical Baumkuchen, woolen clothes, weaven products, wooden kitchenware and many others. We could see that in Lithuania culture in a common part of everyday life. A several performances of traditional folk dancing and folk music were prepared for us by the hosting school. We managed to learn about Lithuanian educational system, to see Lithuanian folk art and handicraft and handicrafts of other countries, to create a common project song, to taste regional specialities and to produce beautiful felt products.The school in Deguiciai was small and the equipment and furniture modest, yet it seemed really cosy and warm. Teachers, the principal and the students were so kind and cared about us with love, that at the end we left this beautiful country with tears in our eyes.