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Meeting in Nová Paka

přidáno: 24. 3. 2011 0:04, autor: Neznámý uživatel   [ Aktualizováno 3. 4. 2011 13:05 uživatelem Marta Ehmigová ]
On the 9th April our school will welcome foreign partners from Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia and Turkey. The guests will be both teachers and students. The main topic for this meeting is "Traditional food and national cuisine". All the participating countries are going to present their traditional and regional food, tell us how to cook some meals and moreover we are going to try how some traditional specialities taste. During the week from 9th to 14th April we will also create a multilingual dictionary of food, compile an international cookery book, show each other traditional dances and sing traditional songs. Our foreign friends will take part in an Art workshop connected with Easter too.
Together we will visit some places of interest in our region, especially in the Bohemian Paradise, and go and spend time in the capital of the Czech Republic -  Prague.