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Comenius in Slovenia

přidáno: 21. 3. 2012 8:24, autor: Marta Ehmigová   [ aktualizováno 18. 6. 2012 12:01 ]
On Saturday 24th March early in the morning a group of 7 students from kvinta and kvarta accompanied by 3 teachers will head for six-day-long trip to Slovenia as a part of Comenius programme and our project Building Future Through Culture. The journey to Škofja Loka will be long, demading but full of new experiences. During our stay we will get acquainted with local educational system, visit the capital and other important sigts, learn more about new colleagues and meet new friends. The main topics of this meeting are legends and stories of partner countries and national proverbs and sayings.
Let´s hope that the weather will be nice and that the varied programme will be successful.
Mgr. Marta Mařasová
Škofja Loka