Deguciai meeting (Lithuania)

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Comenius project meeting - Diary of our students

Saturday, 24th September 2011  - written by Kateřina Malá (kvarta)


On Saturday everything started. We met at 8:00 in the morning in front of our school where the bus came for us. Participants met here with different feelings. Somebody was afraid, somebody was looking forward. We went by bus to the airport in Prague. After checking in, we enjoyed last few moments in the Czech Republic. The time passed and we got on the plane. Everybody was anxious. At the airport in Vilnius old friends were waiting for us and new faces which we didn´t know as well. Some people warmly embraced, others shyly shook hands and introduced  . After meeting at the airport, we had a guided tour of the Old town in Vilnius. It was very interesting. We learned about new legends, monuments, culture. After the tour we went on the four-hour bus journey into the homes our hosting families. When we arrived to the place everybody went to the their hosting family. We arrived late and we were terribly tired so most of us went straight to bed. We were quite shy but it was lesser and lesser so we could fully enjoy our stay.



Sunday, 25th September – written by Jana Skrbková (2.G)

We met at 8:30 a.m in front of the school in Deguciai. We were looking forward to trip by ship. We got on to bus and we went to Rusne Island. When we arrived to Rusne Island we were waiting for a ship. On the ship there was a lot of food from fish to chicken. We ate and then we went up on the deck. Upstairs there was a beautiful view of sea. By ship we went to Nida and one student accidentally bathed in the Baltic sea. A guide was waiting for us and he showed us some interesting sights. We visited Amber museum and next we went by bus to sandy dunes. We went on foot up to the sandy dunes. And from this place there was a gorgeous view to the cold sea. After this we went to a footpath through an old forest, where wooden carved statues were displayed. They depicted some stories and legends of Lithuania.  We returned home again by ship. And we saw beautiful sunset and we took photos of it. Weather was very good this day and we got to know foreign students  and people more. For every student it was an unforgettable experience, which won´t be repeated.



Monday, 26th September – written by Veronika Válková (kvarta)

Monday's morning began with the ceremonial welcome at the school. The principal said a few words of introduction and pupils showed us a short programme, in which they sang, danced and played with the typical Lithuanian musical instruments for us. After this concert the principal gave us small presents and this activity was followed by presentation about the local Degucia Basic school and about school systems in Lithuania. Then a snack, tea or coffee was ready for all teachers and pupils. At 11 o'clock a lesson of music began, where all countries introduced their stanzas of common Comenius Project song - one in their native language and one in English and eventually we sang them all, altogether. After lunch we went to the third biggest city in Lithuania- Klaipéda. An interesting  guide (dressed as a man from the 19th century) took us through the town and showed the greatest attractions of the city. After the tour a bus drove us to the shopping centre  ,Akropolis', where we bought presents for our families and friends and then we went to homes of their host families.


Tuesday, 27th September – written by Tomáš Bendl (sexta)

On Tuesday morning the meeting was at 8:30 in the „Mokykla“(school). Our first activity on Tuesday was performing typical handicraft products.  Each country arrived with some products and had to say a few words about them. On the Czech table we could see some Christmas or Easter products.  Then we moved to the next class, where each country had a chance to show their presentations about traditional handicraft products. After this, most of us were hungry so we went to a nearby school cafeteria by the bus. On the way to the lunch we stopped in the church, which is unique in Europe, because of its triangle form. Then we went to close town called Šiluté, where we visited museum, prison and also we had a guided sightseeing tour around Šiluté by bus.


Wednesday, 28th September – written by Eva Jiroušová (2.G)

On Wednesday at half past ten, we all met at school. A day full of activities and handicrafts started. In the morning we devoted our time to the production of various flowers and Lithuanian flags of felt (wool). Each project participant could produce what they wanted. It was very interesting for us and unknown art technology. After completion of our products, break followed for refreshments and in one hour we went by bus to a nearby cafeteria for lunch. We enjoyed fried chicken with nuts and raisins. After lunch we went to the shop. We bought souvenirs. Then the pearl  of the day came. It was the production of traditional Lithuanian cake - branched cake. Bakers showed us sample production. During baking the cake, we saw examples of dances and songs of local folklore group. After baking the cake a party followed. We sang the common Comenius song together, played basketball game in which the Czech team won, there was farewell and together we tasted the baked cake. It was really excellent!!



Thursday, 29th September – written by Irena Zahradníková (sexta)

And here it is.. None of us wanted to wake up and we didn't want to admit, that in a few minutes we will be sitting on a bus and leave a few hundred kilometres far from our friends. The breakfast looked so beautiful, but neither me, and nor my roommate had any taste for eating. At 8:00 we had to be at school, that we had to load trunk and say goodbye to our friends. I think, that nobody of us expected, how hard will be the separating. Occasionally a tear dropped, and with the last hug and holding a hand we went to the airport in Vilnius. Since the aircraft was for a few minutes delayed, we enjoyed the last minutes in Lithuania by visiting small shops at the airport. At 16:00 we already stayed in front of the Prague airport and we loaded our luggage into the minibus. Full with impressions and experiences we came back to Nová Paka. I think, that we enjoyed the visit very much, and the memories from this meeting will always be in our hearts.. :-)