About the project

COMENIUS 2010 / 2012  "Building Future Through Culture"
Summary of the project:

The main objectives of the project are to raise awareness of pupils about their cultural heritage and to promote intercultural dialogue between partner schools.

The participating schools want to put emphasis on heritage, understand the past and their identity better and present their heritage to the people from the other countries.

Nine subtopics related to intangible cultural heritage will be covered during two years. These subtopics are: traditional days, folk music,folk dances,traditional food,handcrafts,legends and tales,wise old sayings, traditional instruments and traditional clothes.

To present their own heritage, the pupils will actively take part in creating products such as CDs, photo albums, films, concerts, shows, booklets, posters, powerpoint presentations,website etc. 

The students will develop competencies such as mother tongue,foreign language and ICT. Research skills of pupils and teamwork will also be enhanced.

The project meetings will help the pupils and the staff discover different cultures and establish life-long relationships.

Official website address of the project: www.comeniusbftc.org.tr
Mind map about Cultural heritage created by our students:
What is intangible cultural heritage? Click here to find out more. (UNESCO offical site)
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