Nová Paka meeting (The Czech Republic)

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Sunday 10th April

On Sunday 10th April we had all day trip in Prague. About 8:50 we went to Přerov nad Labem. Here we saw traditional timbered houses with Easter decoration. We could see there for example traditional Czech whips, painted eggs and traditional Easter dish. There was also a shop where you could buy Easter souvenirs. Then we went to Prague, where we visited Prague castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge and Astronomical Clock, which unfortunately didn't work. In front of Charles Bridge we visited a McDonald´s, because we were hungry. In Old Town Square we had a short break to watch traditional Easter market. Then we went to shopping centre Palladium, where we had one-hour break to buy something. About six o'clock we went back to Nová Paka.

Monday 11th April

From Sunday we knew Prague and it was time to 11.4. on Monday to get to know Nová Paka and  our school. In the morning our beloved visitors were welcomed and saw a short cultural programme where our great choruses and dancers performed. Then the game for detectives followed. We were divided into groups (eg Tercie + Spanish) and were exploring the school. Each detective team had to write a story about something that they themselves have chosen. Interesting stories were created. After playing detective game, we got together to sing in all languages. Everybody began to be hungry so we went for lunch. The time for exploring Nová Paka started now. We looked at Sucharda´s House and we had tried to use in practice a similar technique as it is on this house. We saw treasury and monastery, too. At the monastery we had an art activity and inside we sang couple of songs. After that distribution to the same teams followed as in the morning. The teams showed visitors Nová Paka (some shops, the square, the Town Hall...). Then there was an excursion to the brewery, where foreigners could taste our beer. After walking around the town everybody was tired and hungry and they parted to some families. Overall it was a very successful day.

Tuesday 12th April

Tuesday morning was devoted to traditional food and cuisine. Students from each country presented their own presentation, in which showed others their typical national dish. We also had a presentation and showed the “podkrkonošské” specialties and Czech typical cuisine. After the presentations, tasting followed. Unknown flavourful and interesting meals brought by Turkey, Spain, Lithuania and Slovenia, for which honey is very typical. We baked for foreign students well-known Czech cakes. Then we created menus for different restaurants (Czech, Turkish, Lithuanian, Slovenian) and learn a lot of new words in other foreign languages.

In the afternoon we travelled to Jičín. We had great time here – together with our foreign friends we had to complete interesting tasks connected with history, sights, fairy tales, and exhibition about traditional handcrafts. We finished the afternoon with a pleasant walk in the Prachov Rock town. All the teachers met for an official dinner at “Ježkův statek” and tasted different types of Czech meals.

Wednesday 13th April

We started our school day with writing a dictionary of food. We had to translate more than 10 words connected with food into all 5 languages, which was quite difficult but interesting. And overall, we had a lot of fun. Entertaining was also the following activity. We had an Art lesson and our partners learnt how to plait an Easter whip and how to decorate eggs using onion skins. This was a real cultural experience for our friends! In the afternoon we went to Turnov where we tried traditional handcraft activity - decorating gingerbreads, and visited local museum. Our partners bought there a lot of products from garnets, which are typical of Turnov.

When we arrived to school we had dinner and then a final party. We saw traditional dances from all participating countries and took a common photo. The meeting officially ended on Thursday in the early morning. We will never forget this unique experience!

Here is a poster with some positive messages to Czech students written by their foreign friends.