Siirt meeting (Turkey)

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Comenius project meeting - Diary of our students

TURKEY: 11TH – 17TH May 2012


FRIDAY (written by Diana Mikousková and Sára Jirková - kvarta)

On 11th May 2012 we started our journey to Turkey. Our expedition had six courageous persons: teachers Marta Mařasová (coordinator of Comenius project) and Vlasta Drábková, students Diana Mikousková, Pavla Matúšová, Kateřina Dobrá and Sára Jirková. We went to the airport by car. Our plane to Istanbul took off at 12:05. At the Turkish airport we met Spanish and Slovenian expeditions. At 17:30 we boarded on the plane to Diyarbakir. We came to Siirt, our destination, by bus.

Something about our affiliate town: Siirt has 100,000 inhabitants and it is located near Syrian border. 

SATURDAY (written by Diana Mikousková and Sára Jirková - kvarta)

Saturday, 12. 05., was the second day of our trip. We had a free day and we could do what we wanted. For example, we (Diana, Kateřina and Sára) visited Siirt with a group of six girls from Turkey. In the evening we went to see the football match of Galatasaray team with Fenerbahce. Galatasaray won and we could see how people from Turkey celebrated. We will never forget it. Then we all went home.


SUNDAY (written by Diana Mikousková and Sára Jirková - kvarta)

Sunday, 13th May. Breakfast on the Tigris river started our day at Hasankeyf. Then we continued visiting the historic town of Hasankeyf. Later that day, we visited Midyat and Mardin. Then, at four o'clock, we went for lunch at Beyazsu. The place was also very interesting – we sat on the cushions above the running water. For us, Czechs, again very unusual. After an excellent lunch, we returned back to Siirt, where we enjoyed our time, too.


MONDAY (written by Pavla Matúšová – 2.G)

We go back to school after a very hard weekend. There wasn’t any: Oh no, learning… We were very excited what our classmates had prepared for us.

Mornings in my Turkish family were better than in my home because I could get up for about one hour later. Before I got out of my bed, breakfast which was served on the floor had been prepared. Dilek was so impatient that she told me that we needed to hurry up.

We came to school. There was a short program about Turkish culture. Girls who were wearing typical Turkish dresses sang some songs and showed us some dances which we could learn after the show.

After we came back to our classroom, we had been separated into five groups and we had to create a book about all meetings of BUILDING FUTURE THROUGH CULTURE.

We wanted to visit a monument of Turkish sultan but at first we had to run away from children who wanted to talk with us. I felt like some celebrity. In Siirt we saw sultan`s grave and a lot of uncovered graves and everyone went to the mosque called Islam Fakirullah Hazretleri. At the end we visited a museum. The weather was beautiful so we could enjoy all day.

I and Dilek and her sister went to the concert because we had a free program that night. After the concert we went to bed.

Good night.

TUESDAY (written by Kateřina Dobrá - sexta)

We met at school on Tuesday morning. We presented our presentation about traditional clothes in our country in the morning, we had done it before we left the Czech Republic. After the presentation we tried Ebru art in the Art school. After arrival from the Art school we had lunch in the school canteen. Then we went on a tour around Siirt. And then we had a free afternoon.

WEDNESDAY (written by Pavla Matúšová – 2.G)

Wednesday was our last day in Siirt, so we went to school and finished our books. Every book was really original. Turkish teachers had prepared fun program for us, for example we could peel potatoes or jump in bags or something like that. We danced some typical dances.

Then we went to the typical Turkish restaurant for lunch. We ordered some specialties but a lot of them looked like they were poisoned. But when we tasted them, it was good but savoury so we had to drink a lot of water.

We had free afternoon so I went to Dilek’s house and packed my clothes. In the evening we went to the hotel where our teachers stayed. We said goodbye to our friends and we went to Diyarbakir airport. It was really sad farewell. Soldiers stopped us on the way but we had luck because they wouldn’t make problems. We had to wait for about two hours for our plane.

I will miss them all!!


THURSDAY (written by Kateřina Dobrá - sexta)

On Thursday morning (at quarter to six) we flew to the airport in Istanbul, where Merve and her friend were waiting for us. Merve had visited Nová Paka last year at the second meeting. She promised to be our guide in Istanbul. We went through the city and saw a lot of mosques, even the Hagii Sofia – the biggest mosque in Istanbul. After the long day with walking, we got a train and went back to the airport and flew towards Prague.